St Pauls College

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St Paul’s College is a Catholic school for boys in the Edmund Rice tradition. As specialists in the education for boys, St Paul’s College support boys to learn, grow and mature at their own pace and offer both academic and vocational pathways, as well as a specialist trade training centre. In the tradition of Edmund Rice, St Paul's College respect all cultures and faith traditions by providing high-quality education that is both inclusive and affordable.
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With a desire for greater control of energy costs and an improved sustainability footprint, St Paul’s College instructed Sustainable Savings to undertake an engineering energy study of their facility. The solution was deployed in three stages:
Stage One: 24kW solar PV system, power factor correction and full LED

light upgrade of their facility. Stage Two: 3 years later an additional 70kW solar PV system was installed.
Stage Three: An additional 100kW of solar was installed - the optimal solar size for the remaining daytime consumption. Accompanied by achieving full value for the solar export and a market competitive energy rate.