What's the best way to optimise my energy outcomes?

Look at your entire energy consumption profile. Understand what's using power and when it's being used. Energy is a complex area, so a piecemeal solution is unlikely to deliver the results most customers want. Globally, the best practice approach is holistic.

What does 'holistic' mean?

A 'holistic' solution involves looking at all possible solution elements that in combination will achieve the desired outcomes. Not just solar. Not just LED lights. Sustainable Savings' solutions typically involve three or more elements that together provide the most efficient and cost-effective outcomes over the short and long term.

Why do you recommend an engineered approach?

To invest wisely, it's critical to understand your site's consumption profile. Engineers know how the various pieces of a multi-element solution affect each other and the shape of the outcome that's needed. It's not a simple undertaking. An accurate, well-designed energy solution requires complex modelling and a deep understanding of the interdependencies of the solution elements.

Other than the payback (ROI), what else should we consider?

Most customers only look at price, and that's misleading and potentially expensive. A quick payback may not be a great investment if the solution has a short life span. With areas like solar PV and LED lights, there can be a 10 times variation in the expected life of the product or components. For the novice it really is buyer beware.

Some brands make it very difficult for customers to claim on their product warranty. Buyers should look for a market-leading product warranty and ensure they know the reputation and reliability behind the brand. Unfortunately, the likelihood of getting your product warranty honoured directly by an offshore manufacturer without an Australian presence is low.

What makes Sustainable Savings different?

We follow global best practice in designing our energy solutions. They are modelled and designed by engineers with the dual objective of value for money and long life. We use market-proven products with long product warranties and demonstrable after-sales support. With Sustainable Savings you're in safe hands – check out our testimonials.