Office Building

cs aurora

Annual savings +$150,000

Payback of 2.7 years

  • Seven elements in holistic solution
  • Helped reduce and control building costs
  • Tenants with more competitive power prices
  • Substantial building sustainability upgrade


cs rmwilliams

Avoided $600,000 in costs

12% reduction in energy costs

  • Avoided large CAPEX cost
  • Made considerable bill savings at same time
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Improved quality of power supply


cs renmark hotel

$84,000 savings the first year

Payback of 3.1 years

  • Knocked out a third of the energy bill
  • Six elements in holistic solution
  • Substantial site sustainability upgrade
  • Deployed 2nd solution saving hot water and gas

Medical Centres

cs family health

Up to 90% energy bill reduction

3.2 years payback

  • Commercial sized solar systems
  • Included LED upgrade and air-con optimisation
  • Demonstrated how to procure cheapest power